Barbara G
February 8 2017 
Overwhelmed to empowered, thanks Tracey!

"When the doctor diagnosed me and said the words "you have Lyme disease" I panicked. I have heard of so many people, whole families suffering from Lyme disease and spending hundreds of thousand of dollars to eradicate the disease. Even though I had gone to one of the top notch, well known specialists all I got was the typical two month script of doxycycline and told "come back 2 weeks after you finish the script." I had a million questions, my mind was racing. All I could blurt out was "what should I do with my diet, what holistic approaches should I try?" The doctor muttered with her head down "go online you will find information there" and walked out. I paid my $400 cash and walked into the parking lot and wept.

For a week I scoured the Internet trying to wrap my head around what I should be doing. Sugar free-ok I can do that ...Gluten free-ok I can do that for I don't eat a lot of bread and pasta, then I was in the shower and realized my shampoo bottle said "gluten free." I realized I had no clue about any of this, once again I wept. I was so overwhelmed, confused and fearful. I felt all alone.

Then I found Tracey.

She came to my house with some groceries and helped me make my first delicious gluten free/dairy free/sugar free meal. As we cooked together she was able to easily explain "why this and not that." Tracey gave me a great cheat sheet on what brands taste great and what to avoid. She took the guess work out of it for me. I can't tell you how valuable and what a time saver all of this proved to be.  

Next up a grocery store visit. I remembering standing in the aisles just staring at the products not knowing what on earth to buy and try. She brought me through the aisle and showed me where to go and what to avoid. Oh and I learned a very valuable lesson, when it says gluten free chances are it has added sugar, which anyone that has Lyme knows sugar is the enemy as the Lyme bugs love sugar. Look at me -now I can share some knowledge all because Tracey made it seem so easy.  

So now I cook and bake with ingredients that I found so perplexing. Oh, and I know how to incorporate coconut oil in so many ways, great teeth whitener....thanks Tracey, you saved me money on the Zoom teeth whitening I was thinking about doing for my fortieth!

Lastly, I see a benefit with our children. Specifically with our daughter, Shay. I notice a change in her behavior as we avoided the sugar crash. She loves helping me make our healthy shakes. She grabs the almond butter, banana and the SPINACH!  

Tracey has left me with delicious, EASY recipes but most importantly she has left me with knowledge. And you know what they say "knowledge is power". I feel healthy, strong and confident when I walk into the grocery store.  

Thank you Tracey for sharing your knowledge and truly caring for my well being."

Janet D
February 6 2017 
Eating healthy can be easy and delicious!

"Working with Tracey has been wonderful. She’s dedicated, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Tracey and I face-time every two weeks to track my progress as well as those in my family. 

In the short period of time that we have been working together she has really helped me make BIG changes in our diet. Tracey’s recipes are delicious, 
she includes something for everyone (even the pickiest of eaters). It gives me great joy seeing my kids enjoying what they eat, and knowing that’s it’s healthy is a huge plus!"

Melissa C
February 3 2017 
Better choices, planned menus, easier & stress free meals
"Tracey introduced me to a whole Foods approach and cleaner eating. She educated me on what my family would benefit from and helped create menus for myself and my family. She is so personable, intuitive and helped reduced anxiety and stress from my meal planning. 

I highly recommend her for cooking parties, classes, meal prepping and so much more. You're life will definitely feel back in order if you use Tracey!"Type your paragraph here.